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looking good

feeling better in the couple of days. albeit…the pain such as headache and my body not wanting to do anything. I just pushed through and ignored the pain. it felt good after going to the gym last week and doing some of the approaches. i think i need to do some more approaches this week …

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fucking day

Im at work today. I forgot to bring my keyboard and i’ve got a lot of thiings to do. This morning i feel a bit shit, i was really numbed out. Last night i couldn’t take my propranolol because i ran out. So i went to the chemist in the morning to get another 2 …

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mental health

some time ago i intereviewed someone f or a job. he was working in a pizza factory. he was struggling and i felt bad. i wanted to take him on board but i couldn’t. he was not in ga good position. he was struggling. he went to do courses to get a better life but …

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