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broke up

Janet and I are taking a breakbut i am considering it as a full breakup so that I don’t need.I am concentrating on myself at the moment and I am feeling a bit better.i haven’t had any negative thoughts. It was pretty rough on thursday night as i couldn’t sleep. I tried to go for …

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i have been with my gf for nearly 5 years now.its been a good ride. yesterday we’ve taken a break from each other. she has been distant since monday.Everything was fine on the weekend and sunday.Then poof monday there’s no more talking. were not talking anymore. i made it clear to her that she needs …

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plan for marketing

So for this, I am going to do the following: Test 5-10 different offers of assumed stages and questions they’d have. create MDU ads (medium size ads) *do some special ninja targeting and optimisation on adwords* At this point the offer will go to a landing page offering that guide/checklist/etc… (the thankyou page would say that we’re updating the guide …

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