Marketing Challenges

For the past few weeks i’ve been building a marketing funnel through activecampaign and built a calculator for our users to use.

Its quite difficult to put things together so that it works and we can sell.
biggest down fall is arranging or setting up the content for the email sale.
It is not easy to setup and takes a lot of time.

At the moment i am working on testing out marketing leads to see what potential book/guide could work as a lead funnel.
i need to target a few selected profiles to get them enticed into using us.

i need to draw it out before i can start anything.

i’m also getting a lot of spam from our lead generation.
I’m thinking of adding an IP block system to capture things in.

not sure how to go about it. Head hurts atm.


Adwords cleanup checklist

this is a quick checklist that i need to do to clean up our adwords account now and then.

We need to go through each campaign and find search terms to add to the negative keywords. You can add them directly to the campaign level if its really irrelevant or adgroup level.


one of our employees is not putting effort int he wo


List everything that I want to write about,
then sequence it
reduce it to 20% and see what would really work in convincing the person to trust us.
also look at getting more information from the user for the download.
For example asking just for email then when they’re more interested we get more data such as postal address,etc… from them.
Maybe have a system for them to request a quote from several professionals in one go.
A system where the user can submit a form with pictures and ideas and we tell em some potential requirement for it.
We also can potentially sell the details to mortgage brokers to get a commission from the cut.
We can ask critical questions that the client might have in doing their own planning application.