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Trying Writer pro today and I’m unfit…

Had a terrible day, a lot to do at work.
I went to the gym today, a bit late but at least 45 min of workout. I was surprised that I couldn’t even run more than 5 min… pretty pathetic..

I need to build it up to 20min, I need to work out regularly every day of the week like I use to back a few months ago.
the problem is the nutrition, I need to eat a lot more good stuff and less bad stuff.
It’s pretty hard as today after dinner I just reached out to get an icecream. I need to be conscious about it and change one thing every day.
I will also take a look at the four-hour life in terms of food and workout I could try out, but I will prominently do the following that:

10min warmup + Legs and shoulders + 20min cardio
10min warmup + Chest and triceps + 20 min cardio
10min warmup + Biceps and back + 20 min cardio

I use to work this out 5 times a week and take 2 breaks from what I can recall, I was losing a lot of weight doing this.
I was also eating very little and making my own lunch day in and out.

My breakfast consisted of two porridge packs with bananas, sometimes I would have tea with a little bit of milk.
Then I would have some kind of snack at lunch time which would consist of avocado, wheat bread, mozzarella and chicken. I would normally have 2-3 portions of that.
I would sometimes swap the chicken around with tuna. The major problem with that was that sometimes it tasted awful. then for dinner I would just have a meal replacement shake.

Now I realised that milk isn’t so great, well…cow milk isn’t so great. I’ve been having goats milk for some time now and I find it really nice.
* this reminds me that I need to get some ground coffee tomorrow.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to complete my coursework and head down to see Janet and spend time with her.
Tomorrow’s plan
tomorrow I am planning to wake up around 6-7pm and do some work until 7:30 where I will then prep to head down the gym early and get that high from the coffee supplement.
I will try to get at least 10min on the running machine, I think even though I can hit around 10-20min on skipping I can’t go beyond 5 on the running machine. I think it vital I gets back in shape before my summer holidays with Janet in France.
after the 10min warm up, I’ll be doing my chest and triceps and kill it hard. it will be 6 exercises consisting of 3 chests and 3x triceps. it will be 3×12 sets with a challenging weight that I will struggle on. I will start off on a test weight to see what I can lift and kill it hard to 10-12 sets.
hopefully I won’t be lazy and log it somewhere.

I will kill it with 3 exercises for the chest and then do the triceps to kill it off on the arms.
to finish off I will do some abs and do 20min of running.
this should be intense enough to get me hyped up.
hopefully I get my shakes tomorrow, but I doubt that’ll happen.

I just found this article on reps and sets on the .
the one thing that everyone should really be reminded of is that to put on muscle is to stress them enough and frequently so that it tears up. When you tear it up, you build more by supplementing your body with protein shakes, or good food with high protein content. Usually I find that hydro whey from optimum nutrition really works well with me because I gained a lot of lean muscle while using it, but it is expensive. I went back down to gold whey from optimum nutrition.
I just think that the stuffs they bring out is quality products and no imitation or crap that’s going to get you into some serious trouble.
you want quality food in you.

after gym
after the gym, I’ll head back home and continue cracking on the coursework. I am aiming to finish off the insurance/3rd parties liability coursework by midday so that I can crack on the payment terms later on during the afternoon.
with that out of the way, I can go finish off the first question and hopefully spend Sunday editing.

I also need to remind myself to pay for the re-sit fee for university. that’s going to cost me a good £100…
well i deserve it for not getting it right the first time around.
In terms of business, I hopefully will use this opportunity to use those research to write up blogs/resource for the public.
I think I should be targeting potential clients who are going to start undertaking construction works and will potential need to know where to start technically and look at topographical surveys to start on their building process.
We could sell it in the sense that you need a topographical survey as they would need to get a survey done as they need to provide accurate information to designers, etc.…
I will also use this opportunity to write about quantity surveying topics that I am covering so that I am knocking it out.
anyway kinda tired right now, I’m going to run this through and submit this with some photos.tumblr_mchwjiZJdT1r600xqo1_500