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lately I have experience the best thing in life but for it to be taken away. For the first time in my life I had a girlfriend, I had a job, I had a future. But it all got taken away around the 13th of February.

My life started to crumble, I lost my job on the 16th of feb and two weeks ago exactly I lost my girlfriend (Alex).

Life is pretty hard, they give you things to lose. This is just a vent off.

I am getting deported because my solicitor messed up with my application and because the HO found that I was earning too much for my age to classify me as dependant.

Life doesn’t want me to win.

ATM I am just living day by day trying to sort things out, going to the gym and losing the pounds off until my gym membership runs out.

I really need something positive that will help me in my life. ATM it feels that everything is one thin thread which is just about to break anytime. I don’t want to go back now. I want to earn my degree and then move on with my life.

I really need something to change for the good for me and my family. Its unfair.