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Finally completed my resit coursework, hopefully i pass it this time around.

How I feel when I write
How I feel when I write

I am going to send it tomorrow at work once I’ve had a good night sleep and edited the shit out of it where possible.

It has been a productive weekend, I was able to complete all 3 questions in the weekend. it is surprising again how we work. you put a deadline months ahead and the only time you undertake it all is within a few days.

I wish this would work with everything else…

on the same point, I’ve notice this insight in both business and academic studies. To setup a business that allows you to earn a living through selling an information product, writing is involved heavily. Same goes with getting a degree in a specific field.
for example we study over 3-4 years on an undergraduate course and write roughly 6×3000 = 18,000 words a year and 18,000 x 2 = 26,000 + 20,000 (dissertation) = 46,000 over 3 years. If you think about it this is a lot!

Now it works out the same for a business where they usually recommend writing around 1,000 words a week and post it on your blog to generate traffic and to actually establish as an authority in a specific field and it takes roughly 1-2 years. so let’s work this out, 52×1,000 = 52,000 and say that you do it over 2 years to at least make the £100k mark that’s around 104,000 words! that is a lot.
But there are blogs who’ve posted less and made a lot!

So what I am trying to say to you guys is that this correlation in becoming an adequate expert in a certain topic or field requires a lot of time and a lot of writing. I think it’s best to start now.

If you’re able to knock out more than 50,000 words on a certain topic, you’re pretty much bound to know the ins and outs of that industry.
if you are unemployed and you could knock out 2,000 to 10,000 words a day (see this book on amazon I’ve actually take a read at it, and it is simple to follow.
There are 3 items you need to have, knowledge, time, energy. Something like that.
It is true that you could probably knock out the 10,000 mark but I think you’ll still need to plan out what you’ll be writing.
P.s. this blog post is just written like that without any plan I just like dumbing my thoughts like a conversation to someone.
I believe in warming up before you start writing, for example writing this blog every night keeps in my fingers and me in shape to write-up more and more every day.
Especially when I want to become a person of authority in my field. I know it will take time but I eventually want to get a lot of traffic.
Looking just at the SEO side of things there is not a lot of search queries about the topics I’ll be covering but hopefully the what I’ll be writing at the end of the day will just make me a better person.
I will also be using this opportunity to knock out two things, my dissertation and my chartership by writing everyday.
I’ll be learning new things and explaining it all on my blog so that I can retain that information over a longer period of time.

I think I’ll be looking at one topic per week to cover it up.
This week I’ll be looking at the Quantity surveying to see if I can apply Tim ferris’ accelerated learning techniques.

The DiSS formula.
Well, anyway i’m freaking knackered now, and I think I’ll head to sleep now, this post was a late one.
A new week is starting up tomorrow.