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Wasted 6 hours today

Today I was supposed to work on my studies but instead I’ve spent a good portion of my time watching TV.

For some reason, my brain wants it and craves a show and just relaxing.
This mind-numbing moment of just being told a story and getting immersed into someone’s mind for a few hours. Just mind-numbing.
Don’t like it when that happens…so unproductive.

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I get drawn into watching more and more TV and get in that mind numbing mode. I’ve spent a lot of my life in front of the TV watching and draining my time.

As the time I am writing this, some big ass spider crawled up my neck, reddish kind.
Man! that gave me the creeps. Threw thing off me and I had to go downstairs and get the insect replant and spray it around my room.
I’ve left it to air until the poison does it job.

I might go and get that insect bomb from the girlfriend and let one loose in my room and kill these bastards. I Freaking hate them.


Well, the plans of finishing off the coursework today didn’t plan out, I’ve still got 2 questions to go and I have to finish them tomorrow.
I’ve got to put a lot of time and just keep writing, fewer notes and more comprehension and writing.
I’ve got to finish this tomorrow and get a chance to go see the girlfriend in the evening.
Tomorrow I’m planning on waking up at 6 and getting the questions planned and written out. Once done I’ll go through the notes and books and just fill in the plans with a lot of references from cases.

Hopefully, I’ll get a lot of the work done before noon.
I’ve got to complete this by midday tomorrow. I have to write it all up.

So this is the sequence I’ll be aiming tomorrow:

1. breakdown the topic
2. find the topics I need to cover
3. mind map all the questions I need to answer to answer the questions
4. find a chapter about this in each of my main construction books
5. in each chapter I’ll skim it and look at the headings to see if it gives me some ideas of what to cover
6. attack one book and read and make comprehension
7. once I’ve done everything I read through the points and find the glue to connect the essays
8. try to cover everything possible in the book