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I am grateful for my parentsi am grateful for my gfI am grateful to have a good mandarin teacher feeling Feeling better now, i had a good night sleep.I need to do some writing before sleeping, i was reading that this could potentially help when going sleep. It will be offloading any todo list on …

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I ended up going to costa in the afternoon. I waas given the opportunity to go down the bank to take some cash out and have lunch so i took it.I sat for two hours and it was actually really nice to sit down and read for 2 hours. Even though it wasn’t quiet but …

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I am grateful for my laptopI am grateful that I can codeI am grateful that I have had an education feeling I felt really crap this morning, like i sat at my desk after having breakfast and changed into my gym clothes.Getting up the bed I was heated up, so i showered and felt a …

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